Main Topics

Main Topics: of 4th Physiotherapy-Orthopedics Joint Symposium

Pain, movement and muscle activation responses on musculoskeletal system problems
Walking evaluation and movement analysis on orthopedic problems
Neuroplasticity and motor learning’s impact on orthopedic rehabilitation
Proprioception: Evaluation and utilization on rehabilitations
Evidence based applications on orthopedic rehabilitation
Manuel treatment’s effect on orthopedic rehabilitation
New rehabilitation strategies on preventing injuries
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation on acute injuries
Multidisciplinary approach on fast recovery after surgery
Tendon pathologies and rehabilitation
Rehabilitation on multiple ligament injuries
Rehabilitation after instability surgeries
Degenerative joint diseases: Protective and rehabilitative approaches
Current approaches after arthroplasty surgeries
Rehabilitation on back and neck pains: Biomechanical and cognitive approaches
New approaches and postoperative rehabilitation on spinal surgeries
Hip pathologies: Conservative treatment and post-surgery rehabilitation approaches
Rehabilitation applications after hand injuries and surgeries

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