Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts shall be started to be accepted as of March 1, 2018. Deadline for abstract submission is July 10, 2018.
  • Abstracts shall only be sent via the Internet. Abstracts submitted via fax or e-mail shall not be accepted.
  • Abstracts shall be evaluated by the scientific committee. Following the evaluation of the abstracts by the scientific committee, it shall be decided whether they will be delivered as oral or poster presentation. Results pertaining to the abstracts shall be sent via e-mail.
  • Abstracts which fail to complete the “approval” procedure until the abstract submission deadline shall not be evaluated. There shall be no possibility to make any changes on the approved abstracts. 
  • Authors are required to select their mode of delivery among three choices as oral presentation, poster presentation or oral and poster presentation. In case the authors select only oral presentation and their abstracts are not accepted as oral presentation, the authors should note that their abstracts shall not be considered for poster presentation. 
  • Authors who have submitted their studies shall be accepted as having received the approval of all authors included in the study. Correspondences related to the abstracts shall be sent to all authors included in the study via e-mail.
  • Due attention shall be given to the following matters during the preparation phase of the abstracts:
    • Abstract category shall be selected among the below-given list:
      • General orthopedics 
      • Arthroplasty 
      • Arthroscopy and sports injuries 
      • Foot and ankle surgery 
      • Reconstruction of extremities and external fixation 
      • Hand and microsurgery 
      • Spinal surgery 
      • Shoulder and elbow surgery 
      • Orthopedic traumatology 
      • Pediatric orthopedics 
      • Tumor surgery 
    • The abstract shall consist of the parts as "Title", "Objective", "Method", “Materials" and "Result" and each part of the abstract shall be saved to the relevant page of the abstract submission page.
    • Abstract title shall be maximum 200 characters (with spaces) and the abstract shall be maximum 3000 characters (with spaces). The title shall reflect the content of the study and shall attract the interest of the readers. 
    • The reason for conducting the study shall be specified under the part “Objective”. Number of cases/subjects, the clinical, diagnostic and experimental methods shall clearly be specified under the part “Method”. Quantitative or qualitative data and statistical results, if any, shall be specified under the part “Materials”. Results derived from the data obtained shall be briefly summarized and the contribution of the study to science shall be specified under the part “Result”.
    • Information related to the identity or associated institution of the authors shall not be stated in the main text and title. 
    • In case abbreviations are used in the abstract, it shall be given in full at their first use in the abstract.
  • The following matters are considered by the reviewers during their assessment. Consideration of these matters during abstract submission shall increase the likelihood of their acceptance:
    • Validity, relevance and clarity of the objective of the study,
    • Adequacy of case/subject number,
    • Clarity of the method used and its reproducibility by the other investigators,
    • In case of clinical trials, to have adequate follow-up time, control group and to be prospective,
    • Clarity and relevance of the findings,
    • To have complete statistical assessment,
    • Accurate interpretation of the data obtained,
    • To obtain accurate and relevant results,
    • To include new information/suggestions in the study.  
  • According to the decision taken by the Executive Committee of TSOT, abstracts of the authors, failing to deliver their poster or oral presentations without any reasonable excuse during the national congress, shall not accepted at the next national congress. The abstracts sent by the authors failing to present their studies during the 2018 TSOT Congress without any reasonable excuse, shall not be accepted at the 2019 Congress. The studies, which are included in the scientific program of the 2018 congress and which will not be presented during the congress for any reason whatsoever, shall be notified in writing to the address totbid2018@globalturizm.com.tr at the latest until September 29, 2018.
  • As for the acceptance of abstracts and their inclusion in the abstract book, minimum one of the authors shall be registered until July 14, 2018.

Abstract submission for physiotherapists deadline: August 17

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